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Why Get Window Cleaning?

Windows can be wonderful for letting in natural light and warming your home. But they can also be a real hassle to clean. We handle it all from outside, inside, screens, and tracks.

Even when you take the time to climb up and tend to your home’s windows, you can find yourself dealing with frustrating streaks that won’t go away. As a result, many property owners leave their windows to get dusty, dirty, covered with fingerprints, and so on. Rather than leave your windows in an unappealing state, use the window cleaning services to get a proper cleaning. No matter the size of the glass, we’ve got you covered.

  • Exterior Window Cleaning

  • Exterior Interior Window Cleaning

  • Screen Cleaning

  • Track Wipe Down

  • Commercial

  • Residential

  • Hard Water Removal

7 Day rain guarantee

If the rain gets your windows dirty after your window cleaning. We will clean the affected windows no questions asked.

How to Clean a window

Traditional Window Cleaning (Trad)

Traditional window cleaning is a tried and true way of washing windows dating back to when Ettore invented the first squeegee in

1936. When cleaning your windows in Spokane, we use this method to wash the outside and inside of your windows. The solution that

we use is water, dawn dish soap, and vinegar.

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning (Pure Water)

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning concept dates back to the 1950s when Irv Tucker invented the water-fed pole for washing cars. The pole was adopted for commercial use in the 1960s because of its safety benefits. Water-fed pole window cleaning evolved slowly until today when it has become the Industry standard for window cleaning. So why Water fed Pole? Safety for window cleaners is no longer an issue because the window cleaner can stand on the ground and wash extremely tall windows without the risk of death and severe injury. Now we, as window washers, don't have to walk away from potential jobs due to high windows overlooking your incredible view. The RO DI system removes all the positive ions (TDS/Total Dissolved solids). It leaves all the hungry negative ions that want to reunite with positive ions to regain equilibrium; the positive ions are dirt and grime on your windows. Pure Water will not only clean your windows, but it will also clean your window frames. After service, all the water drops will dry crystal clear.


Hard Water Removal

Hard water occurs when water is sprayed on the windows and leaves mineral spots that can't be cleaned. If your windows are at stage one corrosion, we can clean and restore your glass to a crystal clear view with our hard water treatment.

(Tip from the pros make sure your sprinklers are not spraying the windows; that's usually the culprit of having hard water on your windows. Also, do not hose your windows down with the hose water.)

We Also Service Commercial Windows

Commercial properties can be difficult to clean due to the window size as well as being in hard to reach places. You also don’t want to put yourself or employees at risk by climbing on ladders or reaching awkward spaces.

We specializes in cleaning commercial windows, regardless of the size or location. Our employees are trained and equipped with safety measures in order to get the job done properly. We’ll get your business windows, glass doors, and more clean and ready for business. Make a good impression on your clients by having crystal clear windows.

Get Your Windows Cleaned the Right Way

Window cleaning is not as simple as using Windex and paper towels. You need proper equipment and technique to get your windows to sparkle.

In addition, it can be unsafe to climb up on roofs and ladders. That's why you should leave your cleaning to the professionals.

Why Window Washing

Our team has both the equipment and experience to clean your property safely.

Don’t take a chance with your clients by having a less than stellar business appearance.

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