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Clean PG Was founded in 2016

PG Window Cleaning started in 2016. The inspiration to wash windows came from Keith Kalfas, who owns a window-washing business in Michigan. In mid-2021, PG Window Cleaning was rebranded to CLEANPG to better serve clients with additional services such as Window cleaning Spokane, Gutter Cleaning Spokane, Christmas lights installation Spokane, and installation of Holiday lights Spokane. Paul’s vision for CLEAN PG is to provide exceptional customer service, quality installations, and remarkable cleaning services while providing quality employment opportunities.


Clean PG Window Cleaning is a reputable and professional cleaning company that provides top-quality window cleaning services to residential and commercial clients. Our team of skilled and experienced cleaners is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and customer satisfaction.

At Clean PG Window Cleaning, we believe in creating a positive work environment that fosters growth, learning, and collaboration. We value hard work, dedication, and a passion for providing exceptional service. We offer competitive compensation packages and opportunities for career advancement. Join our team of dedicated professionals who are committed to delivering outstanding results and growing their careers in the cleaning industry. Fill out our form below.

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The "clean" stands for the cleaning services. The blue droplet has "PG" initials on the side. The droplet represents the water for the Window Cleaning Spokane and Gutter Cleaning Spokane. If you look closely at the "P" in the droplet, you'll see a squeegee representing window cleaning.

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